The new webpage is live.


Phew, much more work than I thought, and I could continue tweaking it forever.


So today I’m going to do some paired coding with a fellow web developer.  We’re going to try to build a basic web scraping app.  Preferably based on javascript.  Most of the tutorials I’ve found so far are Node.js.   I’ve learned a lot since the last time I used Node, and the last time I didn’t get it so hopefully this time around it will make more sense.

What I’m going to work on, now that the site is at least functional, is getting the two apps more functional – wordatic (an html/javascript based story game) and the seminar rater ( Ruby on Rails app).  Then I’m going to update my comedy web-series site (scottanddave.net).  Then I’ve got a number of other projects I can work on, including working on re-working www.wakeupnewyork.org.


Well, yesterday didn’t quite go as planned.  I spent most of the day studying php, then got distracted on some VIM(let’s just say it’s a code editor) tutorials.  I also managed to answer a question on stackoverflow about bootstrap which raises my reputation, which is a good thing.

I don’t have a lot of time today to work, but I want to try to get a better image for my background.  I was going to use an image from the web but with licensing and searching it’s just taking too much time.  I think it would be easier to use a static image I have and add moving water and clouds to it.  We’ll see.


My obsession continues.  I’ve decided I’m going to try to focus on 2 hours a day of PHP training on Treehouse (online learning) and 1-2 hours javascript through Codeschool.  Then at least 2 hours on updating my website.

My website at the moment is kind of a place-holder.  For those interested, it doesn’t look like much but it shows knowledge of HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap – a web framework and PHP, a server-side scripting language (meaning it doesn’t do things in the browser, it does things on the server and goes through the internet to spit things onto your browser).  Unfortunately, it only shows this stuff if you know where and how to look for it.

I’m not really happy with it right now.  Design-wise it’s not as bad as what I had before but it needs a lot of work.

So here’s the to-do list (last night I wire-framed it):

1) I’m going to make the landing page have a transition like this…


Hmm.. Or at least I though I was – using the bottom as a menu page instead of slide-show.  But it might be cooler to have my acting page do that… and use it as a slide show…

2) Use an animated background.  I might experiment with a loop of the skyline, if I can figure out how to get a free video online or make it myself.

3) Use paralax scrolling for an about page that goes through my life.  A little self-indulgent but I’m really doing it to show off the tech..


4) Figure out a blog page, or whether I should just stuff them onto a different page.

5) Have a helper button that shows, when clicked, all the tech on the page (per bootstrap js)

6) Bootstrap the contact page.

7) Fix the background, redo it so it animates

8) Make the page more consistent with other webdevers’ pages – show skills etc.


This is not in order.  I think the last one is one of the first things I should do… this is a lot but do-able…


Over the last number of years I’ve been training myself to code more seriously.  I’ve been interesting in coding since basic.  But I really dug into it more recently.  I took several courses in Java at NYU, courses in javascript, css, php and ruby on rails online, and a MOOC at Stanford on “Start-up Engineering” involving making my own app based on node.js using Git version control, bootstrap, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and finally staging it on Heroku.  That was the kicker – I loved it and from then on knew that I wanted to get into coding.  I love making something from nothing in a virtual world.  The possibilities are endless.

Since then I considered taking a “bootcamp” on full-stack web-development but realized I could train myself just as well an tailor what I was learning.  The bootcamps focus on Ruby on Rails.  I spent some time with Rails and realized I prefer using PHP and javascript.

At this point in my learning I think I’m actually at a hire-able level but I could always learn more.  I’m working on developing a portfolio.  Most of what I’ve done is still pretty alpha stage to say the least.

I’m also going to do more networking, see what’s out there and maybe get some mentoring.


Thanks for reading!