Accessibilty, changing voice-over app name

Insuring accessibility is just the right thing to do for an app. It’s not too hard and let’s people who are blind or vision impaired use your app. For those who have vision impairment it’s really important for developers to by mindful to the contrasts of the visual elements in an app. Those ratios should never be less than 4.5:1

For the app I’m working on I had another problem: the app name.  It sounds silly but since “NYC” is in the title, Apples voice-over framework will pronounce the app, when an vision impaired user clicks on it, as “Nick.”  I’ve got nothing against Nick but the app is not for him/her.  So there’s a really easy fix as of iOS 8:

In the Info.plist simply add the key:


then for the value, in quotes, add whatever the you want the voice over to say, in text-to-speech usable writting.  For example, in my case, for “NYC” I’d write “my app N Y C.”  Easy-peasy.

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